Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

We started the month off with a couple of performances from Rylee.  First, she had her Tap, Toe, and Tumble performace.  It was so cute!  They danced to Jingle Bells. 

We then had a Preschool Performace and she sang a bunch of songs.  We practice and practice and now we all know some more christmas songs.  She did amazing and loved being with her friends!

We then went to my parents for Christmas Eve.  The kids loved everything and now we are full size Toys-R-Us.  We started the weekend with a nice family dinner and opened lots of gifts!


We then went up to Mt. Hood Railroad and rode the Polar Express.  The kids loved it and they got a magically bell.


Hot CoCo

The Gay's

Grandma and Tyler

Rylee asking for more dollies!

Christmas Eve Day Love The Jensens


We spent Christmas Day celebrating with Brian's family. It was great day and we got some wonderful gifts.

The sure love their cousins

Santa came to Grandma Jensens house!

Tyler got Super Man Toys

Rylee wanted nothing to do with Santa

Grandma and Grandpa Jensen with their Grandchildren.  One more on the way Congrats Uncle Nick and Aunt Helene

This is where we caught Tyler lovin his "Ranch"

Christmas Morning was so much fun.  The kids were so suprised the Santa came.  They woke up and couldn't believe their eyes!

Friday, December 7, 2012

What Have We Been Up To?

We have been really busy at the Jensen Household.  We loved the weather in early November and we were able to get some great photos with all the leaves we had to rake!

Rylee has been lovin school so much.  She still goes twice a week and loves all of her classmates.  As a class they brought gifts up the Manger for Baby Jesus.  Grandma and Tyler went to watch and of course Tyler wanted to participate too. 

Now what we have done for the last five months.  Bellarmine Prep had a very successful season and we are so proud of each player and coach.  We got second in the State of Washington and lost to Skyline.  We went to the dome two times and the 1st game we beat Auburn.  Thank you so much for everyone who support The Bellarmine Lions!
The Cousins Came Up!

Just Give Tyler Food and He is Happy!

A Very Happy Dad and Son!

The State Championship game was a good game but we played hard and came up short. Tyler loved being out on the field with Daddy before the game.  Daddy brought home some Bellarmine Jerseys for the kids to!

We loved every minute of the game and of course had our cousins to help Cheer them on.
Way To Go Bellarmine Prep!
Santa Claus came to University Place to visit all the children.  It happened the same day as the State Championship game too so our cousins were able to spend the day with us!
Santa arrived by Fire Truck and Tyler loved looking at him!
Rylee was not a fan of Santa again!
We also took a family picture since we were all here!
We also rode a train around and the kids loved that.  I bet they will love the Polar Express train ride which is coming soon too!
Finally, we went out to Port Orchard and cut down our christmas tree.  Lets just say we learned there is never a dull moment with our kids espically Tyler!  He locked himself in the car while we were trying to pay and put the tree on the car.  I guess Boys will be Boys!
Tyler thought we needed that one!

Tyler wouldn't stand still for the pictures.  He loved being outdoors!

No, this isn'st how we came how but we did have a bit of a drive back the paying station! 

We hope everyone has a HAPPY HOLIDAYS!