Friday, May 23, 2014

Low Tide at Titlow Beach

Last weekend we had a low tide event at our local beach.  It was so neat and the kids love looking for crabs!  The were able to touch all sorts of animals and the best part of it was it was 2 miles from our house!  Rylee touched everything are was so excited when e crab didn't pinch her.  Tyler just wanted to run around a be a boy and throw rocks in the ocean!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Rylee's 5th Birthday

We can't believe it but our sweet Rylee is 5 years old!  She had quite a few birthday parties and had a ball at each one of them!

 She loved opening all of her presents!  She finally got the movie frozen!

Hr birthday outfit!

We then went to the Tacoma Rainer game!  Plus they had fireworks too!

We had her kid party at the YMCA gymnastic room!

She had a great birthday and we can't believe she is 5 years old!  Happy birthday Rylee's!