Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 "Merry Christmas and Happy New year"

It's been an amazing year for The Jensen family. Rylee started Kindergarten at Sunset elementary in University Place. She loves school so much and she is learning how to read. She has really grown this year. She is becoming quite the swimmer and started taking gymnastic class. Tyler is learning how to write his ABC's and numbers. He is going to start Preschool next year and will continue to love school. He's love is Football though. He is also taking swim lessons and gymnastic class too. We are going to be full force in Football this fall! Brian was given the opportunity to become the Head coach at Bellarmine Prep. We are so excited to see what he can do next year. Seahawk Love!
Cousin Time. They love being with together!
Christmas Morning
We are so excited for 2015 because we are going to DISNEYLAND!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Happy Fall Time

We have had a very busy fall with football, school starting, and life. We were able to go to the pumpkin patch last weekend during rain breaks and the kids had a ball.
The kids loved finding the perfect pumpkin!
Happy Halloween Love The Jensen

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The end of Summer

We did a lot this summer and the kids loved every minute of it! We went to Ocean Shore with my family and had a blast. The kids all played great together and had so much fun!
Before going to the beach we made a CRAZY decision and bought a pure breed chocolate lab named SYMBA! She was six weeks sold and we loved her at first sight! She is now weighing 13 pounds and loves to bite everything. What have we gotten ourselves into?!?
We are now headed into our crazy time of year Football season! Hopefully we will have another great season! Tyler is in love with football and was able to be on the sidelines for their scrimmage. He thought he was so cool! He even wore his football outfit to fit in.

First day of SCHOOL

This year we have lots of changes! Rylee started kindergarden at Sunset Primary and has loved very minute of it! She loves her teacher Mrs. Culver and is making new friends everyday. It is a but of a change because she goes full day. Rylee on the first day of school!
We also took picture the night before too. Her school starts at 8am which means we have very early mornings.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sol Duc 2014

We went to Sol Duc Hot Springs again this summer and it was better than last year.  The kids had a ball and couldn't get enough time hiking, looking for wildlife, and soaking up the sun.  Poor Rylee broke her arm the day before we left on the monkey bars.  So she was limited on swimming but that didn't stop her.  We still loved every minute of it and can't wait to return next year!

Our Cabin

Every morning we went on different hikes and the kids did such a great job this year.  We would go for about 2 hours and we hike to Sol Duc Falls, Salmon Falls, and different nature hikes.

How old is that tree? 

Sol Duc Falls

First thing was to always find a great walking stick!

Salmon Falls


Every afternoon we went swimming.  At Sol Duc there are three different hot pools and one swimming pool.  Tyler loved the big swimming pool!
We felt so bad for Rylee but she will be  back swimming in no time.
We can't believe our vacation is done with but we are counting the days until next year!  We love Sol Duc so much because we feel like it is a true vacation without any technology and or even reception!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Brian and Tyler!  We love you so much and hoped you enjoyed every minute of it!

Can't believe you are 4 years old! 

Birthday Boys!

We then went down to Olympia Children's Museum and the kids loved it!  We are already planning on our next trip!

 The Baseball game was also another highlight!  They love going there so much and plus it's only a couple miles away!