Thursday, July 4, 2013

Olympic National Park

We spent 4 days at the Olympic National Park and we had a blast.  We had nice weather all 4 days and the kids loved being outdoors morning til night. 
The kids had so much fun swimming in the hot spring pools. Rylee turned into a little swimmer and Tyler actually went in the big pool which was a huge step for him!


At night the deer would come by our cabin and the kids thought it was so neat.  On our last morning, the deer had its babies with her.
We walked up to Sol Duc Falls and the kids loved the entire walk.  They did a great job walking and looking at different trees, bugs, and plants.  The falls was beautiful! 

The Falls

Our Hike


The end of our hike the kids were HOT!

We spent one day at Lake Crescent and the kids loved it there!

Hiking up the Trail at Sol Duc!

Good Bye Sol Duc See You Next Year!