Monday, November 10, 2008

15 Weeks

Today we had another doctors appointment and everything seemed to be great and we got to hear the baby's heart beating again. This time it was 150 beats per minute so we are thinking it is going to be a BOY but who knows. We are finding out the sex at our next appointment the week of December 8th.

We hope everyone is doing great and we are excited to drive down to Washington for Christmas!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Fall it is starting to look more like Winter here in Idaho though.


Meg Pie said...

I am DYING to know what it is!!!!
I was so tempted to buy baby clothes at the outlets this weekend...I mean what are the chances that all three kidlets will be one sex? So I really can't go wrong!!!

The Lane Family said...

Yeah, it sounds like things are going great and I hope that continues . Aidan's heartbeat was around that but so was Avery's so who knows!!! I look forward to sending some cute clothes!!! By the way how is your sister??

Maynes-Watt-Hayes Family said...

I think its boy!:) i can't wait to know! hope you feeling well!!