Monday, February 23, 2009

30 Weeks Already

Hello Everyone!

I had another doctor appointment today and the baby was looking great well at least the heart rate. He measured me and I was one week ahead! Hopefully the baby will come early! Keep my fingers crossed. I am having another Ultrasound around 32 weeks because my last one stated that I had a semi-low placenta! The doctor was not concerned at all but wanted us to see the baby one more time before I deliver. I am also wanting to make sure that it is a GIRL! I haven't taken any price tags off yet so I want to make sure. I have heard that sometimes they think it is a girl and it is really a boy.

We got everything figured out for the Baby's Baptism. We are going to do it on July 5th at 10AM at Bellarmine Prep (the school where Brian used to teach at). Father Jerry will be doing the Baptism for us.

Hope everyone has a great week and I will keep you posted on anything. We have our next doctors appointment on March 9th at 9AM and I will be 32 weeks!


Brian and Lindsey


Stevens1007 said...

Hey Lindsey! Thanks, & it would be fun to get together w/ our little ones once they get here! By the way, I love the name Rylee! The pics of her nursery are very cute, too!

Kate said...

Lindsey oh my gosh how are you, I saw your blog on mine and clicked on it cuz i wasnt sure who it was. I am so happy to know your doing so well and girl we are both around the same spot in our pregnancy, how crazy is it that were having babies now??? My due date is april 24th :) Anyways, I read up on your blog, sounds like you and your hubby are doing great. Keep in touch girl and good luck the rest of your pregnancy. Miss you :) kate

Kate said...

one more thing////where are your belly shot pictures???? I wanna see your cute tummy