Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Little Princess!

Only here in Idaho do we have to dress like winter in the middle of July. We have had a record amount of rain here and every night we have thunder storms! Jazz hates them so much and starts to shake really bad because she is scared. Often times she will hide in our closet and or jump up on us! We cant wait to see everyone when we come home in July. It is coming up really fast and we can hardly wait!

Here is "Our Little Princess"

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The Lane Family said...

I love her hat it is so cute and I can relate to nightly thunderstorms. We have been having them for the last week or so. It is not cold however it is in the 80's and 100% humidity when they occur..nice. Aidan hates them and tell us he is SOOOO scared. I do not blame him, we tell him that is God moving the benches around for a meeting.