Sunday, July 26, 2009

3 Months Old

Rylee will be turning 3 months old tomorrow. She has grown up so much and is such a happy baby besides bed time. She has found her feet this month and now is a finger sucker and prefers the middle three rather than her thumb. She is NOT sleeping through the night yet but we are usually waking up around once every night. We are waiting for a full nights rest. She is starting to get our bedtime routine but it takes time with a baby who only sleeps 45 minutes per day. She loves to smile and talk a lot now. We Love Her With All Of Our Heart!

We miss all of our family and hope to see everyone soon.

Ry In Her Sundress

Ry Practicing Her Softball Skills Soccer Is Next Weeks Skill

Ry On Her Mat Which She Loves

Our Baby Is Growing Up So Fast

1 comment:

The Lane Family said...

I think she is looking more and more like you Lindsey but her eyes look like Brian's!! just my thoughts!!

She is just so cute and I agree time is flying for her and by the way it only goes faster the older they get.

Are you still planning on going back to work? When ?

I am sorry about her not sleeping through the night and that she does not sleep much during the day. Aidan did the same thing until he was 7 months old and finally started taking one nap that was at least an hour long which was HEAVEN!!