Wednesday, October 28, 2009

6 Months Old

We can't believe that Rylee is 6 months old today. As I look back on the last six months it is a blur. Rylee has been such a great baby even though she is very active and outgoing. She has a very strong personality and will let you know when she is not getting entertained.

What Rylee is Doing Now:
*Talking a Lot
*Sitting Up On Her Own
*Eating Lots Of Rice Cereal
*Still Only Drinks 4 oz At A Time (not a big eater)
*Knows Her Mom and Dad Very Well
*Loves Her Bath Time
*Still Not Sleeping Through The Night Even With Rice Cereal
*Wanting To Stay Awake All Day Long With No Naps!
*Loves Day Care
*Smiles All The Time

We are starting to Teeth and we love our Fingers and Toes!

Daddy Time

I am 6 Months Old Today!


The Lane Family said...

I love that face she has when Brian is kissing her so cute!!

She has the most beautiful eyes, you guys know how to make cute babies!!! Look at all she can do at six months wait until another six months!!

Brittny said...

Oh, how fun! The time does fly when they're so little. I just want to freeze it for a little while! She is so cute, & I'm glad she's so good for you:)