Friday, November 20, 2009

Moving To Washington!

Today we start our adventure over to Washington. Over the last week we have packed, packed, and gotten everything ready. You do not realize how much stuff we have. My Dad has spent the week with us and packed and loaded everything up while I was at work. We wouldn't of been able to do it without him! We will post some more pictures later of the move.

Rylee is doing a lot better. We had a rough 5 days! She ended up getting the Flu and had a high temp that we couldn't break for 5 days. Those were very long days and she wanted to be cuddled all day and all night long! She is back to her old self now just in time for the move. She is crawling all over the place and standing on her own. When we hold her hands she will being with walk. It is only a matter of time.

Brian had a great opportunity and is now going to teach PE and Health in the Clover Park School District! We are super excited to be by family and to have a extra set of hands.

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The Lane Family said...

Hey Lindsey, I am so glad that your Dad has been there to help you and that Miss Rylee has finally recovered from the flu. Poor little Girl :( I am excited for this wonderful oppurtunity for your family and I know that having Brian with you more often will be a real blessing.

I am doing okay..not ignoring phone calls just trying to get back on top. You can check out the whole mess at my blog :) By the way..I will need your new address for Christmas Cards!!