Monday, March 22, 2010

Our Climber!

Rylee has discovered her love for climbing! She finds a way to sneak out of the shopping cart. We locked her in tight and she still manages to find a way out. I mean we lock her in with the shopping cart lock plus her lock on the shopping cart cover too. I turned around for 5 seconds and that was 4 seconds too long because she was standing up laughing at me. When will my child learn that shopping is suppose to be a fun trip? After climbing the shopping cart we come home and she began to climb in and out of her toy car that Aunt Jen got her. Little did we know it wasn't Rylee proof!

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The Lane Family said...

She is is a busy girl and has a lot of things to discover and do before before she hits the big first birthday!!

Thank heavens for living closer to family and having Brian home more when baby number #2 arrives. You will need extra hands!!