Friday, July 9, 2010

River Time

It has been very hot here in Washington so we decided to take Ry to a nice cold river and she loved it so much. She had no fever when she entered the river and she went up to her knees without a problem! She would of gone in deeper if we would of let her. Ty stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa because it was way too hot for him. Maybe next time he can join us!

Ry at the River!

Tyler is getting very big and he even got to show everyone his new swim suit!

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The Lane Family said...

First off I love Rylee's swimming suit it is so cute and the faces she makes just make me laugh!!

I tell you she is a kindred spirit with Miss Kaylee. I am afraid if we put the two of them together they would just get into one adventure after another!!

I love the family photo of the 3 of you it was so cute and so fun!!

Mr. Tyler is growing up and looks like such a big boy with his swimming trunks on. I love the last picture because he looks so big and tough!!

Oh on a side note. Remember Ashlee, Tallin and Jaylee?? Well Ashlee is getting married to a great guy and he will be adopting Tallin and Jaylee :)