Monday, August 23, 2010

Ry and Ty

Aunt Jen and Uncle Jeff got Tyler these cute jean diapers so we decided to have a photo shoot this mornig. The fit Ry and Ty which was even better!

Tyler is getting so big and happy. Here is Ty smiling away.

Here is Ry being Ry! She keeps us on our toes all hours of the day! She loves Tylers crib so much!


The Lane Family said...

The pictures are just so cute!! I LOVE these jean diapers. We have used them as well and I have to say the girls look so darn cute...who cares if they are for boys :)or not!!!

Tyler really looks like you Lindsey and Rylee looks so much like Brian. Either way way with good looking parents they are lucky!!!

BrooksBlog said...

Those are some sweet cut offs! Cant get over how much Ry looks like you and Tyler is so cute smiling!!