Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter Snow

We have had about 3 inches of snow today! We all went walking today and Ry and Ty did great in the snow. Rylee is still getting used to the snow. At first she didn't know what to think and now she is saying SNOW!

In the meantime, Bellarmine is one of the top 4 teams in the state of Washington. He is traveling over to Spokane this weekend and then back to the Tacoma Dome if they win that game. We are so proud of him and Ty is ready to be one of his players! We loved having all of the support from both sides of the family. We love having her cousins come over and hang out and play with us. Thank you all for driving to the game!

Rylee loves her cousin AVA!

Tyler is such a happy baby and he loves to smile. He is rolling over all the time and starting to get on his knees. The fun is just beginning for us!


The Lane Family said...

Ty is so darn cute Lindsey and I will admit he does look good with a football!! Way to go Brian with your team I have a sneaky feeling he is part of the reason they are so successful and it is great you have all of the support from your families!!

Now for Miss Rylee she is adorable and her hat rocks!!! We heard the snow is giving you a little run up there and today we are 60 go figure!!!

BrooksBlog said...

They are getting so BIG!! They are too cute! Thats awesome about Brians team..way to go!!