Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rylee and Tyler

This morning while Rylee was eating breakfast she started saying "GO SEAHAWKS." It was so cute. Lately, she has been putting phrases together like: Thank You Mom, Ty Paul, and Love You _____. She is now telling us when she has to go POOP and we run to the BIG TOILET. She also has been watching a lot of basketball too with her Dad. She is getting so big and we can hardly wait until her 2nd birthday. Our Theme this year is IT'S A ZOO TURNING 2. We are having two parties for her and we are combining her party with her cousins who are also turning two 13 days before Rylee's. It is truly going to be a ZOO with three two year olds.

Too bad for the huskies but Tyler was representing! Tyler is doing better a couple of weeks ago he had a bad case of croup and double ear infections. That didn't phase him though he still slept okay and was eating great. He is a huge flirt and loves to smile at all the girls up at Dad's school


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The Lane Family said...

Lindsey that is so cute what Miss Rylee said and that she is talking so much!! I always admire you have 2 under 2....

As for the Health Department Maggie is the new director and Denise, Tracy and Traci and then two from Enivronmental Health are going for Maggie's postion. I will let you know how it goes.

Also as a side note the other Lindsey now lives in Burly with her two kids and husband and he is farming.