Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of JULY!

We had an amazing day with friends and family! We went over to our cousins house and they had a GREAT view for the air show and then played bocce ball the rest of the afternoon. Now the question will be if OUR KIDS SLEEP with all the fireworks going on.



On Sunday, we went to a neat park in University Place and the kids had so much fun. Tyler has no fear when it comes to water! We then came home and Rylee loved the spinkler in our yard and Tyler loved the pool. We Love You Guys!

Spinkler time and Pool Time


The Lane Family said...

So much fun!! I LOVE how kids play with all their hearts and enjoy every moment. I think us as adults could learn a few things from them.

BrooksBlog said...

I can t believe how big they've gotten! They are so cute!! glad you are having a great summer!