Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandma Sue!

We went to Washougal to spend time with my parents for my mom's birthday! We had a great weekend! Rylee and Tyler spent some nice quailty time with their cousins Aubrey and Adison! They play so great together!

Here is my mom with "The Birthday" Hat with all of her Grandchildren!

The Birthday Cake Table!

Grandma and Tyler

Last weekend Rylee wouldn't stop talking about her Boyfriends. She currently has three Boyfriends (Sefo, Garrison, Carson. She loves to see them at
Bellarmine but will not talk to them. I guess she is playing hard to get!

Rylee "loves" to talk about her BOYFRIENDS!

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BrooksBlog said...

Your mom looks so cute! ANd Rylee! Following in your footsteps!!! Watch out boys!