Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ry's First Day Of School

Rylee started Preschool at Sunset Christian Preschool and she is now lovin it.  The first day was an adjustment but now she goes into school and doesn't look back.   She loves her teacher so much and they are doing some fun stuff.  Everyday we get new painting and enjoy seeing her school work. 

Here are the pictures from the First Day of School!

Not quite sure about school.

Tyler was lovin everything about school!

We are headed on our first field trip next Friday


We have had several football games that we have attended and our cousins have come to a couple of them.  Rylee and Tyler love their cousins so much!  Can you feel the love?

When our cousins came up to the football game we all had a slumber party.  We headed off to the Zoo the very next morning!


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The Lane Family said...

I LOVE the game day photo's and the adventures with Grandma and Grandpa those are AWESOME!!!

I can tell Rylee is a little nervous but she looks ADORABLE. I think Tyler on the other hand would be happy to just stay put :)

As I am sure that you have noticed it is quite an adjustment to have one in school and how life starts changing...they grow up so very, very fast!!