Sunday, August 31, 2014

The end of Summer

We did a lot this summer and the kids loved every minute of it! We went to Ocean Shore with my family and had a blast. The kids all played great together and had so much fun!
Before going to the beach we made a CRAZY decision and bought a pure breed chocolate lab named SYMBA! She was six weeks sold and we loved her at first sight! She is now weighing 13 pounds and loves to bite everything. What have we gotten ourselves into?!?
We are now headed into our crazy time of year Football season! Hopefully we will have another great season! Tyler is in love with football and was able to be on the sidelines for their scrimmage. He thought he was so cool! He even wore his football outfit to fit in.

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The Lane Family said...

I LOVE the pictures of all of the cousins enjoying the beach. What a great way to end the summer!! I LOVE the new puppy if my kids had their way we also would be owners of a cute new it gives TY something to play with while Rylee is at school. The picture of Ty with his Daddy at the scrimmage is so fun and what a great adventure for him and for his Dad.