Sunday, December 27, 2009


Rylee loved her Christmas so much and she got way too many toys! She mastered opening her gifts and other peoples too. She was spoiled so much! She got a cool new car and of course she got her first football jersey from Uncle Nick and Aunt Helene!

Thanks Aunt Jen, Uncle Jeff, Aubrey, and Adison

Rylee Got All Her Cousins These Cute Headbands

At Santa Land At Downtown Macys

My First Football Jersey!

Rylee's First Christmas

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The Lane Family said...

First off it is impossible to spoil such a cute little girl :)

I love the picture of her and her cousins (you can certainly see that they are related)was adorable and I loved their headbands!!! As for unwrapping gifts for everyone it only gets worse not better :)

I love the little jersey so cute and in pink what a cute gift.

As usual the last picture of the "cutest couple ever" and their sweet little girl!!! By the way are you even showing yet???

The picture