Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Zoo Lights

We went to Zoo Lights and Rylee loved it so much. It is going to be our family tradition we think! She loves being around people and looking at all of the colors. It was very cold outside so we used the blanket that Grandma Sue made for her.

Rylee with Dad

Rylee Smiling Away! It was so cold outside!

Zoo Lights

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The Lane Family said...

What a fun adventure!! Aidan would have loved that as would have the girls!!

I love how Rylee is all dressed warm so sweet and her blanket is darling...a Christmas present maybe!!!

What a wonderful Christmas and what a year it has been for you guys!! The best part is that you now have Rylee and Brian is home more than he is gone..am I right???

Have a wonderful New YEar!!

Wendi :)