Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We had a great Christmas! We went down to Portland to spend time with our family and drove back on Christmas Eve and then we spent Christmas Day at Brian's parents house. We all had a great time and Ry and Ty were spoiled. Rylee loved opening up gifts and she tore each piece off one by one and then love looking at all of her new treasures. She got so many great times from a bike,to a play kitchen, to a doll house. Santa brought her own trampoline and she loves jumping. She has mastered jumping on two feet from her gymnastic training. Tyler loved looking at the paper and all of the people. He got some new clothes and some cool new books. Thank you everyone for such a great weekend!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day


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The Lane Family said...

What a fun, fun Christmas you all had!! I love the video of Miss Rylee it is adorable and it does look like Santa was very good to them.