Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rylee's Vacation with Grandma Sue

Rylee spent a week with Grandma Sue while my Dad was out fishing. She has a blast everyday and enjoyed her cousin time with Aubrey and Adison. She went out to dinner with "Big Mama" aka Great Grandma's. She also went to Big Mama's house for their Grandparents day. Lets just say it she is SPOILED! Then Grandma and Rylee rode AMTRACK up to Tacoma and when she got off the train she gave Tyler the biggest huge and kiss ever! It was so cute. They really did miss eachother!

Rylee on the MAX going to the Zoo

Rylee's First Tunnel on MAX

At The Zoo with Aubrey and Adison

Swimming at Grandma Sue's House

At Big Mama's Party


The Lane Family said...

What a fun time!!!! It is so great that see has two cousins so close to her age and that they can get together for adventures!!!

I love how Rylee got off and gave Tyler a big kiss so sweet!! I also LOVE the picture of her first tunnel on the MAX.

The Gustafson Family said...

Fun! Looks like she had a great time!