Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer Time

We have had quite a busy summer! We are loving the nice warm weather these days!

Here is a short recap of summer!* Feeding the ducks at Point Definence
* Walking through the rose garden
* Walking Chambers Bay Golf Course
* Enjoying our Friends and Family with BBQ's
* Pool Time
* Tunnel Time
* We went to NW TREK
* We went to Anderson Island
* Going to Football Practice
* Ry rides a BIKE!
* Rylee now sleeps on a big girl bed most day!
* Tyler is still ALL BOY!

* We had our first Football Game and Bellarmine WON 42-0 WOOT WOOT!


Rylee and Her NEW bike

My little girl is GROWING up so FAST!

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The Lane Family said...

Wow!!! Where does the time go!!! Your kids are growing up SOOOOO fast :) It sounds like you had a wonderful summer and you are off to a GREAT football year!!

Your kids are so cute and so sweet and so darn adorable!!!