Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy 90th Birthday Grandma

We went down to my parents house to celebrate my grandma's 90Th birthday! We had a great time and enjoyed everyone company! We went to Flying Pie's pizza and ate some amazing pizza and enjoyed some cupcakes too. This time we only have ONE family member that is pregnant which is a shock for us to believe.

Great Grandma with all our her grandchildren and great grandchildren!

Tyler eating his green cupcake

Rylee and her cousins

Rylee Braden Jensen

We then went over to my other Grandmas house and the kids did some Treat -n- Treating!
It was such a great night and tomorrow we are going to go to my moms school and for their Halloween Party and then up to Tacoma for some fun with Dad!

Great Grandma with her grandchildren!

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