Thursday, November 10, 2011

Melissa Noste Photography

A couple of weeks ago, we had one of my college friends take our family pictures at Chambers Bay. We love them so much and Melissa did an amzing job capturing our family. Thank You so much!

Please go to her Facebook and or her website to see more of her amazing work!


The Jensen said...

There are so many more but our computer is running a little slow again! I will post them all in a few days! Thank you so much for the amazing pictures!

BrooksBlog said...

those are so cute!! I love the cordination of outfits!!

The Lane Family said...

These are AMAZING photo's. She did a great job and I love the color's and the area where you did the photo's.

The picture of you and Brian is amazing and it is hard to believe how much has occurred and how much time has passed :)

The Gustafson Family said...

Beautiful family photos!