Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Spring

Sunshine!  I know we aren't used to this but it is happening in WASHINGTON!

The kids love going to the zoo.  We went a few weeks back and the animals were out and the kids had a ball. 

The Zoo

The kids have learned to ride their bikes.  This is such a relief because I can sometimes run with them as they ride across Chambers Bay. 

We had an amazing Easter with the kids.  We stayed at home this year and they had a ball.  The Easter Bunny spoiled them and they loved the easter egg hunts.
Before our egg hunt

Easter Bunny Came

Good Morning Sunshines


Thanks Rylee you take gret pictures

Easter Egg Hunt

Tylers didn't want to stand next to sister or get his own pictures taken. 



The Lane Family said...

You have such a BEAUTIFUL family Lindsey!! If we did not live on opposite coasts are kids would have a BLAST together!!

Both of your kids looks like both of you so it is really hard for me to guess who looks like who??My question is Rylee playing soccer yet??

The Jensen said...

No we we currently doing ballet and she loves that. How are you doing?