Thursday, June 13, 2013

Catch Up Time

Rylee turned 4 years old on April 28th.   She had a great birthday and enjoyed all of her presents.  First, we went to the ballet and she loved every minute of it.  Then off to Red Robin.  The kids love that place so much!  She ate the entire ice cream too.

Happy 4th Birthday Rylee Braden!


Cousin Time


Tyler and Brian shared a birthday on June 3rd.  There party was all superhero and Tyler loved every minute of it.  He loved opening his presents so much.  Of course, all superhero stuff and a box of wood which he loved so he can build his house.

Daddy turned 40 and Tyler turned 3

For Tyler's birthday, he wanted to go to The Mariner's Game.  He loved every minute of it and we were lucky enough to go on the field after the game.  Rylee and Tyler did great during the game and we ate a lot of ball park foods!


Rylee had her Preschool Graduation and it was so cute!

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The Lane Family said...

Where does the time go??? I forgot that Miss Rylee was born on our Anniversary!! She is so cute and is growing up so much!! Graduating from Preschool is AWESOME!!!

I also LOVED Miss Rylee in her Superman outfit...I am very, very sure that her and Kaylee would have a BLAST together!!

Then Mr. Tyler who is also growing up so quickly!! It is fun that he shares a birthday with his Daddy!!

The game looked like it was A LOT of fun and the picture of him on base with his baseball mitt was GREAT!!!

I am sure that you are going too be up to all kinds of fun adventures this summer!!