Monday, April 13, 2009

37 Weeks -- 21 Days

Hello Everyone --

Not much to update you on this week from the doctors office. Rylee is doing a great job growing but I still haven't gain any weight again this week. The heart rate was perfect and the baby is still head down.

I am about 2 centimeters dilated and now 30% effaced. That has increased since last week. My doctor is going out of town April 30th to May 2nd so I asked if I could be induced on the 28th because I want him to deliver Rylee. He told me that we will check to see how things are progressing on the 27th. My next appointment is April 20th and then I will begin to strip my membranes to get things going.

Margaret (Brian's Mom) is coming on Wednesday and we can't to see her. She will be such a big help around the house with a new baby. We haven't seen her since November. We have Brian's scrimmage this weekend along with the auction on Saturday too. We are hoping Ms. Rylee doesn't come this weekend so Brian can coach the game.

We hope everyone is doing great! Love, Brian and Lindsey Jensen


The Lane Family said...

Yeah...1 more cm!!! I guess you will just have to practice the activities we discussed but not until after the game and auction :) I am glad things are going well and have a great week!!

Cuzzetto's said...

Hey you guys, long time no see. Lindsey, you look great. I was as big as a house by this time with all three. Hope Brian is not bugging you too much... just kiddin B.
Hope all goes well, and glad Marg is there to help.
Hope to see you soon.
Love you guys.