Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baby Rylee

Look at all that HAIR!

Baby Rylee!

Baby Rylee a few minutes old!

Proud Dad!

Baby Rylee is here!

April 28th at 3:19 AM

7.4 pounds and 21 inches

She is our daddy's little girl! More pictures to come!


The Lane Family said...

She is just so cute and beautiful. I love all of her dark hair and I can tell just by how Brian is holding her that he is completly in Love!!! I love her little purple shirt and I am so jealous my kids never got to be dressed so soon after being born. Congrats!!! I can see both of you guys in her already!!

Jaime said...

Congrats and please pass it onto Brian!! I am so pissed that a cold had to come visit me when Rylee is here. Thanks for letting Tucker and Steve come over last night. Tucker was so excited and told me how he had to be quiet. The cold is basically gone but I will give it until Friday so it is completely gone.

Karl and Melissa said...

Congrats Lindsey to you and Brian. She is absolutely beautiful and I cannot believe all that hair!

Meg Pie said...

I can't wait to come love on here!!!
She is stinkin cute!!!!

Brittny said...

Congrats! She is a doll!!! Hope all is well!

BrooksBlog said...

SHE IS SOO Gorgeous! You can definatly see both mom and dad in there. Congrats you guys! WAY TO GO!

Nate and Kelsey Brookreson: said...

Congratulations Brian & Lindsey. She is so adorable and has so much hair! I love the bow!!

The Gustafson Family said...

Congratulations! She is truly a beautiful baby girl. Our family wishes you a lifetime of laughter, fun, and happiness with your little girl.

Love, Jessica, Jeff, and Nicholas

Maynes-Watt-Hayes Family said...

Yeah!!Congrats!! She is so beautiful, wow so much hair for cute bows and headbands!!! So excited for you guys! :)