Monday, April 6, 2009

4 Weeks -- 28 Days

Good Morning Everyone --

I hope that you are having a great day! Well here in Idaho we have had quite an weekend. On Saturday we had snow and then on Sunday we had 60 degree weather and I actually got a sunburn sitting outside at spring football practice.

Today, I had another appointment and everything went great. He checked the heart beat which is going strong and then checked to see if I was dilated yet. I got the GREAT information that I am actually dilated to a ONE! He told me to exercise, exercise, and more exercise to get the baby out. I am so excited and it is becoming more real now.

Brian's mom, Margaret, is coming over on April 15th and is staying for a month. She will be a huge help and an extra hand if Brian leaves for California to go recruiting.

Rylee's Favorite Aunt Meghan, just announced that she is also planning a trip over to Pocatello to see her new baby. She is coming over May 22nd and staying the weekend.

We are so thankful for the extra help which will be much needed during our transition to a family of three!

We will keep everyone updated with any new updates.


The Lane Family said...

Good Job Lindsey!! Your wish came true and you are dilated now you can exercise like a crazy woman!! By the way we need to see a belly picture!!

Meg Pie said...

Does your doctor realize what he just did?!!??! You won't STOP exercising!!!!
can't wait to see her!!!!! and you and B too of course!

Brittny said...

YAY! It's so exciting to get news like that at the end of pregnancy. I hope everything goes well!

The Lane Family said...

Hey Miss Lindsey,

YOu forgot to give me your e-mail so I can let you access the blog. Just e-mail me at Good Luck with your dinner this weekend and getting Miss Rylee here!!