Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our Sweet Ry

Here are some more pictures of Baby Rylee. She is doing great and I am actually doing a lot better. I went to the mall today to walk around and I didn't even get light headed so I am off in the right direction. We decided to bottle feed her because while I was in the hospital I was not able to breast feed and I got an bacteria infection. She loves her bottles and her pacifiers so much!

An Outfit That Finally Fits!

Daughter Dad Time

Not White As A Ghost -- I have some color finally!


Meg Pie said...

UGH!!! I can't wait to get out there!!! I want to be there NOW!!!!!!!!!
She is sooo cute!!!!!!!

The Lane Family said...

She just gets cuter and cuter!! Miss Lindsey you do look a little pale and I know what it is like when you lose that much blood, eat lots of things rich in iron and you will be back on top in no time!!

That is okay that Miss Rylee is on a bottle, I had a lot of issues with breastfeeding and even though I pumped for awhile my kids loved bottles and I think they are okay :)