Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tummy Time -- 3 Weeks Old

Rylee loves to be on her tummy so I decided that it is time to start tummy time even though it is only for 5 minutes. We also tried the baby wrap with her and that is a lifesaver. I can actually do things around the house without holding her. We are in the transition of being a family of 3. Unfortunately, we had to say good bye to Grandma Margaret yesterday but we will be seeing her in a month. We already miss her and I miss the extra hand with Rylee.

Tummy Time

Body Wrap


Meg Pie said...

Tell girlfriend I am on my way with a hair brush and barrettes! What the heck is up with her hair?!?!?!

The Jensen said...

That is what happens when we forget to take a bath for a few days! We need Aunt Meghan to come to town

The Lane Family said...

So cute, I love her dark wild hair!! I love that body sling what a cool idea for opening up your hands to work on other things!! That is one of the joys of new baby your life changes forever and you LOVE when people come to visit (i.e help) Have a great time with your cousin next week!!