Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rylee Braden Jensen

Rylee is heading to her first birthday party today. Tucker (our family friend) turns 3 today and we thought that we needed to take some more pictures of our family of 3. We are having a wonderful time adjusting to her schedule. She is getting a lot better about sleeping during the night and staying awake during the day. It is only a matter of time hopefully!

Mom and Rylee

Dad and Rylee

Grandma Margaret and Rylee

The Jensen's minus Jazz (we tried but didn't work out)

Boppy Time


Meg Pie said...

This will be the slowest week of my life!!!!!!!
I can't wait to love on her!!!

The Lane Family said...

First off I am so glad that the nice weather finally arrived in Pocatello!!! I love the last picture of Miss Rylee's hair it is so darn adorable!!! Lindsey I love how long your hair is and you look Awesome, heck the girls are a year old and I look Like I am 4 months pregnant with another set :)