Friday, August 14, 2009

Feeling Better at the Jensen Household

Rylee is so much better. Her ears and throat are not hurting anymore. After 3 doctors in 2 days things should be better right? She had a nice and relaxing week with Grandma Sue and we are sad to see her leave. I really think I need another set of hands in my house during football season. Here are a few pictures of her. I can't believe that she is almost 4 months in a few weeks.

I Love My Walker (I wish things would talk back to me)

Grandma Loves Bows (Watch Out Aubrey and Addison)

Looking Cute

Rylee was Kicking Too Much During The Night and Kicked Her Leg Out of Her PJ's (Notice she is sideways in her crib)

There will be more pictures to come tomorrow. We have an exciting day already planed: Farmers Market, Pocatello Fair, and finally Dad's first scrimmage. I can't wait to show everyone the outfit I have planned for her. We also have a Johnny Jumper coming this week too. I know Rylee will love it so much!


Meg Pie said...

Sweet baby that I miss sooo much!!!
Hope you are well!

The Lane Family said...

It sounds like you have had a crazy week and have had the first fun events of a sick baby. If they only had to be sick once in their life how nice that would be :) I am glad she is feeling better and she is so cute!! I cannot wait to see the photo's!!

Wendi :)