Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rylee's First Scrimmage

When my mom and I went shopping at Old Navy my mom found this neat shirt for Rylee to wear and thought it would be perfect for today! She is also featuring her Nike Kicks Too. We also went to the Bannock County Fair and Rylee saw her first horse and wasn't too scared! Rylee has had an exciting day. Off to the scrimmage to show Dad her new outfit!

Rylee Getting Ready For Dad's Scrimmage

On The Way To The Fair!

Rylee Seeing The Horses!


Nate and Kelsey Brookreson: said...

I love her football outfit! That's so cute! We're so glad that she's back to feeling healthy - and love reading your blog!

The Lane Family said...

That is the cutest outfit and just perfect for Miss Rylee!!!

I also like the pictures at the fair, obviously you were having some cooler weather that day!!