Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Cold

I think Rylee has her first cold but I am not sure. Her nose is running and she is very congested. She went to bed great thanks to BABYVICKS! I swear our whole house smells like that but she is doing a lot better now.

I am still unsure if she had an allergic reaction or if she was just starting to get a cold.

Here is a picture of her in her new johnny jumper. She likes it but is still unsure about how to use it.


The Lane Family said...

After talking with you yesterday I did some thinking and for sure I believe her getting up every two hours to eat the night after you gave her rice cereal was probably her body letting you know it was not quite ready for it. I would wait at least a month to try it again. With my kids I noticed when their stomach hurts they responded by thinking they were more and more hungry.

I think you are right it sounds like Miss Rylee has a cold and that would explain why at night she is more congested and not feeling so well, illness is always worse at night. One thing I have found with Avery and Aidan is that if they have a cold 9 times out of 10 then end up with an ear infection so beware :)

Good Luck!!

Team Tingey said...

Glad you found our blog. Good thing for sure works wonders. Rylee looks so cute in her little jumper. I still need to get me one of those. I finally found an orange flower to go on a black head band for burklee. Now I can't wait for the games so she can wear it.