Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rylee's First Ear Infection

Let the fussiness being at the Jensen household. Rylee got her first ear infection last night. It started a few nights ago when she started having a cough and then she woke up and spit up all of her bed two nights ago. I took her to Urgent Care and they told me that nothing was wrong that she just fine! Thanks A LOT I will send you the ER bill. Last night around 8PM we did her bedtime routine and she was not having it at all. She was crying for 2 hours straight and I even tried to give her another bath too but she was fine until I took her out the tub! So I called our on-call doctor and they told me to take her to the ER. Well we stopped by HOLT to pick up Dad and then went to the ER. At this point she was screaming and choking because of how hard she was crying. Luckily we have a fast track in our ER for more urgent cases but don't let fast fool you because it took the doctor another hour to come into the room. She finally settled down and we saw the doctor and she now has ear infections. I love my life because this was Rylee's first week in day care and we already have a ear infection. Well life goes on. My mom was kind enough to drive over to Pocatello to watch Rylee when Mom and Dad go to work. I used up all of my vacation time with the maternity leave and have none left!

Please Pray that Rylee has a fast recovery and sleeps through the night soon.


The Jensens


The Lane Family said...

Hang in there!! Being a mom is tough and this is one of the tough parts but there are lots of good things, it will be easier to see this after you get a full night's rest. Thank heavens for moms!!!

Ryan, Kaycee & Chase Ferguson said...

We're sorry to hear the little Rylee has an ear infection. How stressful (and scary) for you! We hope things get better soon.

Chase, Ryan and Kaycee

The Gustafson Family said...

I hope she's starting to feel better. Nicholas hasn't had one yet (knock on wood) but I am sure they are no fun!